Donal Óg Cusack


I am a hurler. I am a goalkeeper. I am chairperson of the GPA. I am a member of the GAA. I am a son, a brother. I’m a gay man. When I came out to my team mates, we had lots of deep conversations about life and the meaning of the universe. I learned as much as anybody. Their loyalty to me then and since then has been one of the most moving and meaningful things in my life. It’s been a great positive. Being true to myself opened the world to me. I would encourage any player, if you have an issue, any issue, you need to talk about, then talk about it. Share the burden. I feel very proud that we in the GPA now have a service available that a large number of players have already taken up and found to be of great help in their lives.

We all feel stresses and pressures in different ways and a county jersey never made any of us bulletproof. We wear more than our county colours. This campaign, our programmes and in particular, our personal coaching and counselling programmes are confidential so please take that first step and call, you won’t regret it.